"I'll be back!!" said T-101 in the movie Terminator, Terminator 2, and Terminator 3. T-101 or often called model-101 or T-800/series 850 is the terminator model that played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the first Terminator movie model-101 is the new replacement for older terminator model 600 series. In Terminator 2, there's newer model. The new model is called T-1000 played by Robert Patrick. The newest Terminator model is T-X played by Christina Loken.

Now HollywoodMegastore.com have a Knocker-Head of Terminator model-101 or T-850. It's not like most of Knocker-Head or Bobble-Head out there, this Knocker-Head have a very detail to the smallest part of the character. Terminator III T-850 Knocker-Head from HollywoodMegastore.com is officially licensed. The paint is done by hand by a very talented painter.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines T-850 Head Knocker

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