Idle hands are the devil's playground, says Randy to Anton when Anton asking him about a possessed hands. Idle hands is the titled of a 1999 horror-comedy movie stared by Devon Sawa, Seth Green and Jessica Alba. The Story is about Anton Tobias (played by Devon Sawa) a lazy teenager who also a stoner in a halloween week. Anton had a crush on Molly, a girl next door.

At the same time, the news reported that there's a killer in town who kill many lives. After the killer got arrested, a ghost hunter named Debi LeCure (played by Vivica A. Fox) come to the police station and intended to kill the killer who is possessed by the ghost. Too bad that when she arrived at the police station, the ghost are already leaving its host.

After few days Anton didn't see both of his parent, he start to think that the killer kill both of his parent. While thinking about his parent, Anton make a sandwich. On the knife that he use to make sandwich he found a blood it. Knowing that there's a blood on the knife he's terrified and think that the killer is on his house. He didn't know that the killer was already on jail. After he calm down, he start to search his parents and found out that they were murdered. After that he call two of his best friend, Mick and Pnub.

When Mick and Knub saw both of Anton's parent corpse, they saw a disturbing clue that it was Anton who killed his parent, before Mick and Knub can do anything else, the ghost inside Anton's hand start killing both of them. After kill both of his best friend, Anton burried them in the backyard, but something happen, both of his friends raise from the dead. Both of them help Anton figured what happen with his hand.

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