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Rosamund Pike

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Rosamund Pike Q: Who is she?
A: She is Rosamund Pike

Q: How old is she?
A: Rosamund Pike was born on January 27, 1979, so now she's 29 and next month she will be 30 years old. Pike is a daughter of Caroline and Julian Pike. She was born in London, England.

Q: What was her first acting experience?
A: Pike garnered stage experience in student productions, including David Hare's Skylight, Arthur Miller's All My Sons, and several plays by Shakespeare. While appearing in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the National Youth Theatre, Rosamund Pike was noticed by an agent who helped her embark upon a professional career.

Q: What was the movie that make her a celebrity?
A: Pike became known to a wider audience when she starred in Die Another Day as a rogue MI-6 agent originally assigned to aid James Bond. During the film's release she appeared in the special show Bond Girls Are Forever and, shortly thereafter, the BAFTA tribute to the James Bond series.

Q: What movie that adapted from video games that she play?
A: Doom. She play as Samanta Grim, and Samatha has a brother named Reaper, together they called Grim Reaper.

Q: Her filmography?

Rosamund Pike Filmography

  • A Rather English Marriage as Celia in 1998 Rosamund Pike
  • Wives and Daughters as Lady Harriet Cumnor in 1999
  • Trial & Retribution IV as Lucy in 2000
  • Love in a Cold Climate as Fanny in 2001
  • Foyle's War: “The German Woman” as Sarah Beaumont in 2002
  • Die Another Day as Miranda Frost in 2002
  • Bond Girls Are Forever as Herself in 2002
  • Hitchcock Blonde as The Blonde in 2002
  • Promised Land as Rose in 2004
  • The Libertine as Elizabeth Malet in 2004
  • Pride & Prejudice as Jane Bennet in 2005
  • Doom as Samantha Grimm in 2005
  • Summer and Smoke as Alma Winemiller in 2006
  • Fracture as Nikki Gardner in 2007
  • Fugitive Pieces as Alex in 2007
  • Devil You Know as Zoe Hughes in 2008
  • Jackboots on Whitehall as Daisy in 2008
  • An Education as Helen in 2008
  • The Surrogates as Maggie Greer in 2009
  • Burning Palms as Dedra Davenport in 2009

Q: Pictures of her?
A: Rosamund Pike pictures and wallpapers for your desktop

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