Van Helsing is a movie about Gabriel Van Helsing, a demonic creatures hunter. The Van Helsing character itself is based from Bram Stoker's novel titled Dracula. The story start in Transylvania, where Dr. Frankenstein was about to complete his experiment on bringing back the dead, or as most movies called this reanimating the dead. The year is 1887 when Dr. Frankenstein's castle stormed by angry people because of his experiment. The experiment itself was finaced by Count Dracula. Count Dracula wants to use Dr. Frankenstain's experiment for a dark purpose. Knowing that his experiment was going to used by Dracula for a dark purpose, Dr Frankenstein refuses Dracula use his monster. After that Dracula decided to kill Dr. Frankenstein. Frankenstein's monster, which called Dr. Frankenstein as "father", witness the murder of his "father" by Dracula. Seeing his "father" killed by Dracula, Frankenstein's monster get mad and throw a heavy machinery at Dracula. After that Frankenstein's monster grab his father's body and went to a windmill. Dr. Frankenstein's assistant named Igor saw where Frankenstein's monster went and he told it to the angry people from the village. After knowing where the Frankenstein's monster is, people go to the windmill and burn that place down. Dracula who needed the Frankenstein;s monster tried to save him from the people but it was too late.

Some years after that Van Helsing (played by Hugh Jackman), a demonic creature hunter, is assigned to kill Count Dracula by a secret organization called "The Knight of Holy Order" whose mission is to fight evil on earth. One of the reasons why Van Helsing is assigned to this task is because the organization believe that Van Helsing might find the answers to his past and explained a chunk of memories that haunted him.

In order to kill Count Dracula, Van Helsing go to Romania and he meet Anna Valerious ( played by Kate Beckinsale). Anna Valerious is one of the Valerious family who have been trying to kill Count Dracula since their ancestor swore to God that all of their family wouldn't go to heaven unless Count Dracula is dead.

Having the same goal which is to kill Count Dracula, Anna Valerious and Van Helsing form an alliance to kill Count Dracula. Somewhere along the journey, Anna and Van Helsing meet with Frankenstein's moster who acctually survive from the burning windmill some years back. After seeing Frankenstein's monster Van Helsing report to the secret organization. The organization then decided that the Frankenstein's monster should be killed because even the monster is not an evil, it's an instrument of evil. However, Van Helsing wouldn't kill the Frankenstein's monster because he doesn't sense an evil inside the monster. Finally, they team up and fight Count Dracula in his castle.

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