Q: Who is she?
A: She is Allison Mack. A girl who was born in Germany from American parents, Jonathan Mack and Mindy Mack. When she was 2 years old they moved back to US.

Q: How old is she?
A: Allison Mack was born on July 29 in 1982, so she's about 26 now.

Q: I see her on some TV Series, what's TV series that she's on?
A: She's playing on many TV Series, the longest TV series part that she's on is Smallville where she play as Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent's best friend. She also stars a spin-off TV series from Smallville titled Smallville: Chloe Chronicles and Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles.

Q: When did she began her acting career?
A: Allison Mack's first commercial was when she was 4 years old. She played in "German Chocolate". At the age of seven, she began studying at The Young Actors Space in LA. Her major TV role was 7th Heaven Series. She played a teenager who cut herself.

Q: Filmography?

Allison Mack Filmograpy

  • Alice & Huck (Short Film) as Alice in 2008

  • Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles (Spin-off Series) as Chloe Sullivan in 2006

  • The Ant Bully (Animated Film) as voice of Tiffany Nickle in 2006

  • The Batman (Animated Series) as voice of Clea in 2006
  • Smallville: Chloe Chronicles (Spin-off Series) as Chloe Sullivan in 2003 - 2004

  • The Nightmare Room (TV Series) as Charlotte Scott in 2002
  • Kate Brasher (TV Series) as Kate "Acid Burn" Libby in 2001

  • My Horrible Year! (TV Series) as Nicola 'Nik' Faulkner in 2001

  • Smallville (TV Series) as Chloe Sullivan in 2001 - present

  • Opposite Sex (TV Series) as Kate Jacobs in 2000

  • Providence (TV Series) as Alicia in 1999

  • 7th Heaven (TV Series) as Nicole Jacob in 1998

  • Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (Film) as Jenny Szalinski in 1997

  • Hiller and Diller (TV Series) as Brooke in 1997

  • Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden (TV Series) as Katie in 1996

  • The Care and Handling of Roses (TV Series) as Bess Townsend in 1996

  • Unlikely Angel (TV Series) as Sarah Bartilson in 1996

  • Dad, the Angel & Me (TV Series) as Andrea in 1995

  • No Dessert, Dad, Till You Mow the Lawn (Film) as Monica Cochran in 1994

  • Camp Nowhere (Film) as Heather in 1994

  • Night Eyes Three (Film) as Natalie in 1993

  • Evening Shade (TV Series) as Julia in 1993

  • A Mother's Revenge (TV Series) as Wendy Sanders in 1993

  • A Private Matter (TV Series) as Terri Finkbine in 1992

  • A Message from Holly (TV Series) as Ida in 1992

  • Switched at Birth (TV Series) as Normia Twigg in 1991

  • The Perfect Bride (TV Series) as Little Stephanie in 1991

  • Living a Lie (TV Series) as Stella in 1991

  • Empty Nest (TV Series) as Gloria in 1990

  • Shangri-La Plaza (TV Series) as Jenny - Amy's daughter in 1990

  • I Know My First Name is Steven (TV Series) as Nettie in 1989

  • Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (Film) as Little Girl in 1989

Q: Picture and Photos?

Allison Mack Photos and Pictures

Q: Some Links and websites?

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