Fankenstein's Monster is a common character used in many movies such as Van Helsing. What is Frankenstein's Monster exactly, why are there so many movies use this charater?

The term "Frankenstein" was first introduced in a 19th century novel by the British author Mary Shelley. Her novel was titled Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus. Later "The Modern Prometheus" was removed from the title, leaving only "Frankenstein" as the title of the novel. The novel was first publish in 1818 in London and it was published anonymously. Shelley's name appears on the third edition of the novel.

People often known "Frankenstein" as the monster or the creature, while actually "Frankenstein" or his full name "Victor Frankenstein" is the scientist character in Shelley's novel who created a creature from a dead person. The creature or the monster itself don't have a name so it usually called Frankenstein's creature or Frankenstein's monster.

After "Frankenstein" novel was published, the Frankenstein's monster became an interesting character because it was created from a dead body. Why is that different from other fantasy character such as vampire? because the background of it's creation is science, not a mythology unlike any other fantasy character at that time. The novel itself was also a critic aganist the Industrial revolution where sometimes a man do something without ever thinking about the consequences to the society. The " Frankenstein " novel is cosidered the first fully realized science fiction novel

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