whole nine yard matthew perry movie john movie addictStatistics says that if you are a dentist you probably a suicidal, well at least that what Jimmy "the tulip" Tudesky say to Oz, a dentist in Canada in a movie titled The Whole Nine Yards. This movie tell a story about a depressed dentist who have a bitchy wife that want to kill him for a life insurance. At the same time a contract killer move to his neighborhood. It's not just a contract killer, it's a killer who happen to be an ex convict that ratted a mob bos in Chicago. As you can guest... you can smell a bloodbath from the situation that happening to Oz the Dentist. As the story goes, Oz go to Chicago an meet "The tulip" wife and they having an affair. that make the situation from worst to nightmare.. and do not forget that there's another contract killer that his wife hire to kill him


Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky (Perry) is a depressed, slightly neurotic American dentist working and living in Montreal, Quebec. His wife (Arquette) hates him while admitting "everyone seems to like him" and wants him dead, as does his mother-in-law. Tired of living with Oz's substantial business debt from a previous practice and Oz himself, she plans to kill him to pay off his debt and pocket the rest with her mother. This debt however was accrued by her father, Oz's practice partner in Illinois, when he embezzled an unknown sum of money to repeatedly pay off an underaged male patient who caught him in the act of molestation but also loans against the practice which he promptly spent in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City before committing suicide and leaving Oz with the bill. At work, Oz has made friends with his receptionist, Jill (Peet), who urges him to get away from his wife who she believes is "not a good person", a phrase repeated later by Jimmy Tudeski.

Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski (Willis), a hitman, moves in next door under the assumed name of "Jimmy Jones." Having testified against the Gogolak family, a very dangerous family of mobsters, Jimmy is hiding out there in Canada. Jimmy immediately befriends Oz, finding him hilariously jumpy, and the two experience a very tense ride through the city, as Oz has realized who Jimmy is. Oz's wife presses him to travel to Chicago, where he is to meet up with Janni Gogolak and collect a finder's fee. Oz goes to his hotel room to find another notorious hitman in his room, and he proceeds to beat Oz up until Oz admits he knows where Jimmy is. When Oz admits he might know where Jimmy is the hitman takes him to meet Janni. It is at this meeting he first encounters Jimmy's wife, for whom Oz immediately harbors an attraction. Meanwhile, Oz's wife approaches Jimmy, explaining where her husband is located and what he's doing, in a blatant attempt to get Oz in trouble. Things intensify from there..

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