grim reaper supernatural bill ted bogus journey john movie addictIf you've seen Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, there's a character played by William Sadler called Grim Reaper, Who is Grim Reaper? it's a personification of Death. Well i guess that all people in the world know who Death is... yes, it's something that came to us when our time in this world has ended. There is no living man or woman who can describe how death really looks like because the one that have seen Death usually already.. "not alive", but many movies require the presence of Death in the movie so people start to create a Grim Reaper, the personification of Death. Grim Reaper also shows in Supernatural tv series.

Actually The personification of Death as a living being is a concept that has existed in many societies since the beginning of recorded history. The name Grim Reaper is a name for Death in western cultures. The Grim Reaper appears as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe, and wearing a midnight black gown, robe or cloak with a hood, or sometimes, a white burial shroud. Usually when portrayed in the black-hooded gown, only his eyes can be seen. The Grim Reaper originated in Scotland.

-Death in Hindu culture-
In Hindu culture Death personification known by the name of "Yama" or "Yamaraj". Yamaraj rides a black buffalo and carries a rope lasso to carry the soul back to his abode called "Yamalok". It is his agents, the Yamaduts, who carry the souls back to Yamalok. Here, all the accounts of the person's good and bad deeds are stored and maintained by Chitragupta, which allow Yamaraj to decide where the soul has to reside in his next life, following the theory of reincarnation.

-Death in Japan culture-

In Kojiki, after giving birth to the fire-god Hinokagutsuchi, the goddess Izanami dies from wounds of its fire and enters the perpetual night realm called Yaminokuni that the gods thereto retire. After Izanagi, her husband, failed in the attempt to reclaim her from the land of Yomi (the underworld, to which he travels and discovers his wife as not-so visually appealing anymore), in a brief argument with Izanagi, she claimed to take 1000 lives every day signifying her position as the goddess of death.

Another popular death personification is Enma (Yama), also known as Enma Ou and Enma Daiou (Enma King, Enma Great King — translations of Yama Rājā). He originated as Yama in Hinduism, later became Yanluo in China, and Enma in Japan. He is from Chinese Buddhism, and before that, from India. Enma rules the underworld, which makes him similar to Hades, and he decides whether someone dead goes to heaven or to hell. A common saying parents use in Japan to scold children is that Enma will cut off their tongue in the afterlife if they lie.

There are also death gods called shinigami, which are closer to the Western tradition of the Grim Reaper. Shinigami (often plural) are common in modern Japanese arts and fiction, and essentially absent from traditional mythology.

There's many form of Death personification in many culture but the most famous personification of death in movies is the Grim Reaper.

some of Grim Reaper Pictures:

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