"No drill. I hate the drill. So you just gas me, pull the tooth out and we still be friends, okay?" -Mr. Boulez-

"You mind if I say something? Leave the bitch!" -Jill-

"Excuse me?" -Oz-

"Your wife, leave her! Find somebody else, and just start over."
"Oz, look, I know it’s none of my business. I know I’ve only been working for you for whatever…three weeks. But "I’m just telling you what I see, mister. Your wife is not a good person." -Jill-

"You’re expecting an argument?" -Oz-

"Okay, so why do you torture yourself then? Just divorce her!" -Jill-

"I can’t afford to. She’d take me to the cleaners. I’m already paying her father’s debt." -Oz-

"So she’s just gonna ride it out until Daddy’s debt gets paid. She’s just charming isn’t she?" -Jill-

"She can’t help it, her mother’s…what’s a nice way…is…well, she’s the anti-Christ." -Oz-

"You know, you’d be doing the world a favor if you just have her whacked." -Jill-

"And you know somebody who would do this?" -Oz-

"Present company excluded?"
"Are we talking hypothetically or do you want me to name a price?" -Jill-

"Well you should talk to my wife, you’d make a fortune." -Oz-

"What makes you say that?" -Jill-

"Life insurance, I’m worth more dead than alive." -Oz-

"Well, I don’t know anyone else in town and I figured we could go for a drive and you could show me the sights, you know, it won’t kill you." -Jimmy-

" Promise?" -Oz-

"You’re a dentist?" -Jimmy-

"Afraid so." -Oz-

"You suicidal?" -Jimmy-

"See, now why…why would you say that?" -Oz-

"Well I once read that dentists are prone to suicide." -Jimmy-

"My brother, believe me, you don’t want to dance with me all night for a scumbag like Jimmy T. Save yourself the pain." -Frankie Figs-

"Look, I really… No, no, no, no… I may know where he is." -Oz-

"Well all right. But don’t tell me, let’s go tell Janni." -Frankie Figs-

"Okay. Do you mind if I piss a little blood first?" -Oz-

"By all means." -Frankie Figs-

"Oz, we’re friends. Friends do not engage in sexual congress with each other’s wives. Besides, I don’t find your wife particularly that attractive." -Jimmy-

"You’ve been in prison for five years and you don’t find my wife attractive." -Oz-

"She’s not a good person." -Jimmy-

"You’ve killed 17 people, and you don’t think my wife is a good person?" -Oz-

"It’s not important how many people I’ve killed. What’s important is how I get along with the people that are still alive." -Jimmy-

"Jimmy, you were right about him. This is one exceedingly sweet man. A wife like he got and still he believes in wedding vows." -Frankie Figs-

"So do I. Especially ‘Till death do us part’." -Jimmy-

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