headless horseman sleepy hollow john movie addictHeadless horseman is a mystical figure on sleepy hollow. He used to be a cold blood soldier of the Hessian Army whose always want a bloodbath. He was hired by the British army in 1776 in order to assist British soldiers. He was killed in some place near sleepy hollow, New York. In the original story his head was blown off by a cannonball, but in tim burton's sleepy hollow his head was cut off by opponent soldier in western woods of sleepy hollow.

Headless horseman came back from the death to collect heads of the living. In tim burton's sleepy hollow movie the headless horseman is controlled by a witch stepmother who want to posses a rich family's money.

there's a tale about two investment brokers named Joe Jennings and Sam Langhorn, they both attracted to the same girl named Sally Klee. One day Joe and Sam were going to Sleepy Hollow for a vacation. When they were in Sleepy Hollow Sam had idea to impersonate the Headless Horseman to frighten Joe. While waiting to frighten Joe, Sam was encountered with another headless horseman who threw a head at him. Sam was so frighten he was passed out. Sam woke up at mental hospital, insane. The other headless horseman that threw a head at Sam was actually Joe who want to get rid of Sam so He can get Sally Klee. After he remove the competitor Joe drove with Sally away from Sleepy Hollow. Before they leave Sleepy Hollow the real headless horseman appeared and threw his head at their car, knocking the car off a bridge and killing both Sam and Sally.

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