Q: Who is she?mischa-barton-1.jpg picture by freakyjohn101
A: She is Mischa Anne Marsden Barton. She often known as Mischa Barton.

Q: How old is she?

A: Mischa Barton was born in 24th of January in 1986 so now she's about 22 years old. She was born in Hammersmith, London, UK. She moved to New York city when she was four years old. She graduated from the Professional Children School in Manhattan in 2004. Mischa attended classes at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in summer of 2006.

Q: When did she began acting?
A: Mischa Barton began acting when she was eight years old. She was co-starring in the Off Broadway premiere of Slavs! . Mischa also appeared in several Off Broadway Productions.

Q: What was her film debut?
A: Lawn Dogs was mischa's first film debut. The film won awards at film festivals around the world. After that Mischa Barton appeared in many movies such as Notting Hill, Closing the Ring and The Sixth Sense. On Television, Barton first appeared in soap opera All My Children as young Lily Montgomery. She also appeared in modern remake of Bonnie and Clyde.

Q: Her Filmography?
A: Mischa Barton Filmography...

  • Slavs! as Vodya in 1995-.jpg picture by freakyjohn101
  • Twelve Dreams as Emma in 1995
  • Polio Water as Diane in 1995
  • Where The Truth Lies as Cinda in 1996 (Stage play)
  • New York Crossing as Drummond in 1996 (TV movie)
  • All My Children as Lily Montgomery in 1996
  • One Flea Spare as Morse in 1997 (Stage Play)
  • Lawn Dogs as Devon in 1997
  • Notting Hill as girl actress in 1999
  • Pups as Rocky in 1999
  • The Sixth Sense as Kyra in 1999
  • Paranoid as Theresa in 2000
  • Frankie & Hazel as Frankie in 2000 (TV movie)mischa-barton.jpg picture by freakyjohn101
  • Skipped Parts as Maurey in 2000
  • Tart as Grace in 2001
  • Lost and Delirious as Mary in 2001
  • Julie Johnson as Lisa Johnson in 2001
  • Once and Again as Katie Singer in 2001–2002
  • A Ring of Endless Light as Vikki in 2002
  • Octane as Natasha 'Nat' Wilson in 2003
  • The O.C. as Marissa Cooper in 2003–2006
  • Fastlane as Simone in episode "Simone Says" 2003
  • The OH in Ohio as Kristen in 2006
  • Closing the Ring as Young Ethel Ann in 2007
  • St Trinian's as J.J. French in 2007
  • Virgin Territory as Pampinea in 2007
  • Assassination of a High School President as Francesca in 2008
  • You and I as Lana Starkova in 2008
  • Homecoming as Shelby in 2008
  • Don't Fade Away as Kat in 2008
  • Walled In as Sam in 2008

Q: Some Picture of her?
A: Ok...

Pictures and Photos of Mischa Barton

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