Jeepers Creepers Jeepers Creepers is a horror movie which it's title taken from a popular song in 1938 titled "Jeepers Creepers". Jeepers Creepers is written and directed by Victor Salva.

One day during spring holiday break, brother and sister named Darry and Trish traveling to their hometown from college using car. On the way to their hometown they're crossing with some armored truck. The armored truck suddenly terrorize them for a while. after that the armored truck go away. Not so long after that they see that armored truck again. This time the armored truck stop and they see the driver dump something that look like a bodybag into a hole.

After the armored tjeepers creepers 2
ruck go away, Darry and Trish decide to go back and see what is the thing that the armored truck dumped. Because the thing that the armored truck dumped is down the sewer, Darry decide to take a look while Trish hold Darry's foot. While Darry look down the sewer, a rat suddenly appears in front of him and scares both of them and make Darry falls into the sewer. Down in the sewer Darry see the thing that the armored truck dumped. Then he see the thing is moving sJeepers Creepers 3o he open it.

While Darry was inside the sewer, Trish look around, suddenly she saw the armored truck again passing by them. Knowing that there's a chance that the driver might see them, Trish warn Darry to get out from the sewer and go as fast as possible. After Darry got out from the sewer they go from there and stop at the nearest village and call the cops. While they call the cops, suddenly the driver of the armored truck go into they car and sniff all of Darry's dirty cloth.

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