Few weeks after blogging about Grease movie, i remember one of the movie from my childhood, it's titled Krull. Krull is a heroic fantasy action movie on the 80's. It was directed by Peter Yates and produced by Ron Silverman. Krull Music score composed by James Horner. Some people said that the music score is one of the movie's most distinguished features.

With a surrealistic set design, Krull world is one exotic fantasy world. Different from today movies which is limited around human and their social life, back then there's no limit to the imagination for creating a movie.

The movie start with the arrival of extra terrestrial entity named "The Beast" who endangered the survival of the people of Krull's world, then two rival kingdoms trying to form an alliance by marrying their prince and their princess. It was Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa, two main character who try to form an alliance so they could defeat the threat from the beast, an evil alien entity. On the wedding day, The beast army attack the castle of Princess Lyssa's father and kidnap Princess Lyssa. The kidnap of Princess Lyssa by the beast was based on foretold that Princess Lyssa would bear a child destined to rule the galaxy, the beast want that the one who rule the galaxy is his child.

With a mission to rescue Princess Lyssa, Prince Colwyn begin his quest to the dark fortress.

Krull trailer

Krull music video


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