Q: Who is she?Anna Faris Hot Female Celebrity
A: She is Anna Kay Faris, most people known her as Anna Faris, the girl in Scary Movie.. her role was as Cindy Campbell.
Q: Oh.. yeah, i know her. She is one of the girl that can play comedy movie very well.. i like that kind of girl.. kind of girl that have good sense of humor. I think i saw her in Friends tv series too, did you know what episode that she was appears on Friends?

A: Anna Faris appear in the last season of Friends in the last four episode. She play as Erica, a pregnant woman whose her babies addopted by Chandler and Monica.
Q: Oh.. right, Faris's role, Erica, was like female version of Joey.. i kinda hope that she appear in Joey TV Series as Joey's girlfriend (btw Joey tv series was discontinued). Did you know how old is she?
A: Anna Faris born on November 29, 1976 so she's about 31 now.. she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Q: Filmography please?

Anna Faris Filmography
"Deception: A Mother's Secret" in 1991 as Liz Anna Faris the Scary Movie Girl
"Eden" in 1996 as Dithy
"Lovers Lane" in 1999 as Janelle
"Scary Movie" in 2000 as Cindy Campbell
"Scary Movie 2" in 2001 as Cindy Campbell
"May" in 2002 as Polly
"The Hot Chick" in 2002 as April
"Winter Break" in 2003 as Justine
"Lost in Translation" in 2003 as Kelly
"Scary Movie 3" in 2003 as Cindy Campbell
"Friends" in 2004 as Erica(4 episodes)
"Southern Belles" in 2005 as Belle
"Waiting..." in 2005 as Serena
"Brokeback Mountain" in 2005 as LaShawn Malone
"Just Friends" in 2005 as Samantha JamesCindy, scary movie girl Anna Faris
"Scary Movie 4" in 2006 as Cindy Campbell
"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" in 2006 as Hannah
"Smiley Face" in 2007 as Jane F
"Mama's Boy" in 2007 as Nora Flannagan
"Entourage" in 2007 as Herself(Guest appearance for 3 episodes)
"Kids in America" in 2008 as Wendy Franklin
"The House Bunny" in 2008 as Shelley Darlington

Q: Last and the most important question... can i see some of her pictures?
A: Sure.. here you go....

Anna Faris Pictures

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