bloody mary ghost grim reaper supernatural john movie addict mania deathIn Supernatural TV Series Season 1 episode 5, a ghost named Bloody Mary appears as a ghost searching for people who killed her. What is Bloody Mary? Unlike the Grim Reaper folklore who is a personification of death, Bloody Mary is a western folklore about a woman ghost who appear in a mirror when her name is called three times. Some version of the story said that you must say "Bloody Mary, I killed your son!" or "I killed your baby.". It's actually a children games of summoning ghost or evil. It's something that many of us as a kid did. I'm not from west but i played similiar game when i was a kid.

In most version its said that the summoning of Bloody Mary ghost often happen in bathroom mirror. It also said that the one who sees bloody mary in bathroom mirror then their eyes will be ripped out, their body will full of claw marks or they will mysteriously disappear from the bathroom.

In most western ghost story, the ghost usually was a man or woman who died because of being killed or suicide or other unnatural causes. In the case of Bloody Mary, some version of the story tell that she was suicide after killing her child.

Blody Mary ghost grim reaper supernatural john movie addict maniaOther version of Bloody Mary's name:

Mary Worthington
Mary Worth
Mary Whales

Hell Mary

Mary Worth

Similiar folklore story from the East that similiar to Bloody Mary's story:

In Thailand folklore story there's Mae Nak story that similiar to Bloody Mary and in Indonesia there's a Kuntilanak folklore.

Mae Nak Thailand bloody mary grim reaper kuntilanak john movie addictStory about Mae Nak

Mae Nak is a popular Thai ghost story. The story is believed to be truly happened during the reign of Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramin Maha Mongkut (King Mongkut). Mae Nak means Lady Nak in English.

Mak, the husband is called off to war when Nak was pregnant. During the war Mak was severely injured. While he is being remedied in the central Bangkok, Nak, the wife died during the childbirth and so is the child, They both buried by their neighbors. After Mak got better, he went home and finds that his wife and child are waiting him in the house. Everytime one of the neighbors try to tell him that his wife was already dead they all meet with grisly ends.

the different of story of Mae Nak and Bloody Mary is that Mae Nak ghost came back because she loved him so much.

Story about Kuntilanak or Pontilanak

Kuntilanak bloody mary indonesia grim reaper john movie addictKuntilanak usually describe as a beautiful woman who has a big hole in her back. Most version of the kuntilanak story said that she is haunting pregnant women to steal their child because back when she was alive she was missing her child and commit suicide, other version said that she was murdered when she was pregnant. In the story there's often a sign when she's about to show, one of them is the smell of Kamboja flower, a flower that usually used by local people when they buried a dead person. The flower usually spread in the cemetery. In some area Kuntilanak is often known as Sundel Bolong.

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