Yet another superhero movie, this time is The Incredible Hulk. I think not so long ago there was a hulk movie played by Eric Bana and sexy female artist Jennifer Connelly, that movie was titled The Hulk. Now The angry green monster is played by a guy from Fight Club movie, Edward Norton and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross. Set for release in 13th June 2008 and directed by Louis Letterier, Bruce Banner is now try to cure himself from becoming a green monster, but instead of getting cured he is injected with more gamma formula by Blonsky, as a result he become a bigger, scarier monster.

One thing that i think is missing in the first Hulk film is sense of weight. In first movie when i see Hulk jumping around it's more like a comedy than an action movie, even a pixar character like shrek didn't do that kind of jump. The Director of the second movie said "that there was no weight to [the Hulk]. He was flying around and it was very poetic, but [...] I want everything to be gritty, darker, even a little scarier. Frankenstein, King Kong, these monsters are pretty scary. They’re not smooth-looking, fluorescent-green-looking characters. They’re pretty dark and, still, within, there’s a tenderness and a humanity that you can see through them." . Reading what the director said, i think the second movie will have a better special effect.

Don't forget to watch the trailer...

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