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everybody know who Jackie Chan and Jet Li are, but what if they meet together and make a movie together? the answer is Forbidden Kingdom, a movie that will be released in this april. Wow... as a fan of both Jackie Chan and Jet Li, i definitely going to watch this movie.

Forbidden Kingdom is a movie that based on the characters from Chinese mythology. Sun Wukong or often called Monkey King is the character played by Jet Li, while Jackie Chan play as Lu Yan, The Drunken Immortal.

here's some of main actor and their role in Forbidden Kingdom

  • Jackie Chan as Lu Yan, the Drunken Immortal

  • Jet Li as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King / Lan Cai He, the Silent Monk

  • Michael Angarano as Jason Tripitikas

  • Liu Yi Fei as Golden Sparrow

  • Li Bingbing as White Haired Demoness

  • Collin Chou as Jade Warlord

As kung fu choreographer there's Yuen Woo-ping who done many kung fu movies and also he was kung fu choreographer for the matrix "trilogy". In cinematography there's Peter Pau who won an Oscar for the movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". Forbidden Kingdom is directed by Rob Minkoff.

The filming itself done back in August 2007 and went into post-production in September. Some of Jackie Chan words about his fighting scene with Li, " I have not worked with someone whom I’m comfortable with, in terms of movements, rhythm and natural reactions, in the last 10 years. I have done many fight scenes with others but there were usually more than 10 takes, which is a waste of time as the person may forget his moves and unnecessary injuries. When I fought with Li, our actions were quick. We also didn’t have to do the same stunt over 20 times ". To the Associated Press, Li said that in four month of filming they went from friends to brothers.

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